Did you know, there actually IS a Forked Up Farmer? It's me, Kevin Begemann of Tai Shan Farms.  I moved here from Portland and bought a farm of dragon fruit and an apiary. Two years later, I met Esther, my wife, and we together created "The Forked Up Farmer" a division of Tai Shan Farms. We have a commercial kitchen on the farm where we create gluten free, delicious, made from scratch foods and bottled products.  We, (me as a farmer and Esther as an RN) realize how important where our food comes from and have a intense desire to help our friends and neighbors learn to cook clean, delicious food for themselves and their families. We also believe that sustainable food supplies need to be developed here on Hawaii.  Most of our food is shipped here from other locations.  During these difficult times, sustainability is more important than ever.  We have joined up with other farmers and producers of natural products to readily make available to our community locally grown, organic (when possible) fresh produce, 100% grass-fed beef, pasture raised poultry and eggs, local pork as well as eco-friendly products in one convenient location.



"Tai Shan Farms has a mission to feed the people real food.  Our food is meant to nourish the body, mind and soul. Our ingredients are sourced locally to the maximum extent possible.  Everything we offer is made from scratch. This food is meant for living. By nourishing the body, you nourish yourself. The way we manage our farm is our way of making the world we want to see become a reality.  We love this planet, this world and its people and are sending out this message in the food we create here. When you eat our food, you are literally getting a taste of that world."

We are proud to offer

Puna Chicks


Puna Chicks is a chicken farm located in Kurtistown, Hawaii right here on the Big Island.  It is a bit of a drive for most people and their product can only be purchased by visiting their farm.  We are so excited to be able to offer Puna Chicks USDA organic, pasture raised poultry and eggs for your eating enjoyment. The price is higher than what you would pay in the store but the taste and feeling from eating this product is immeasurable.  You'll just feel better when you eat it. Why not give it a try. These are available by pre order and only as whole birds. They range in size from 4-6 pounds each. If you want a ready cooked bird, The Forked Up Farmer offers a smoked, fully cooked bird. Succulent, delicious and ready to eat.

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